RETURN TO REALITY (Brain 0060.185 in 1979)

1. Set Your Spirit Free
2. Stranger
3. We Can Get Together
4. Summer Sky
1. On The Road
2. Return To Reality
3. Spread Your Wings

Recording Data

Recorded at Ton Studio
Alterbaum Hurrel, Summer in 1978
Produced by EPITAPH and Ali Alterbaum
All written by Cliff Jackson


Cliff Jackson
(Vocal, Guitar)
Heinz Glass
Harvey Janssen
Fritz Randow
Michael Karch

They finished tthe recording for a restart in summer of 1978.
This is their 4th album that released in 1979,next year of their recording.

The combination of twin lead guitar of Cliff and Heinz is also exquisite. You can hear that with some tunes, such as "Stranger" and "We Can Get Together".

Although their dreams did not come true in USA, the band wrote a thanks-list to this back jacket as "Thank you for City Of Chicago". How nice guys they were !

In 2008,Digi-pack re-issue CD was released.

LP Brain 0060.185 1979 Germany
CD SPV 42382 CD 2008 Germany With A bonus track "Return To Reality"1979 Live Version.