SEE YOU IN ALASKA (Brain 0060.274 in 1980)

1. Do You Believe In Love
2. Hold On
3. Bad Feeling
4. Fantasy
5. See You In Alaska
1. When I Lose Your Love
2. Keep On Moving
3. Tonight
4. Telephone Line

Recording Data

Recorded at Hot Line Studio Frankfurt
Produced by Cliff Jackson
Guest Musicians : Michael Karch (Keyboard) and Bernie Kolbe (Back Vocal)
All written by Cliff Jackson


Cliff Jackson
(Vocal, Guitar)
Heinz Glass
Harvey Janssen
Fritz Randow

This album was recorded at Hotline Studio in Frankfurt, Germany. Although Michael Karch who did not accompany the live concert tour of a previous album was not noted as a member of EPITAPH in this album, it has participated in recording.
Moreover, Barnie (=Bernd) Kolbe who was an original member has participated as back voacalist.
In 2012, at the present time, this album is not released by CD format yet.