LIVE (Brain 0060.385 in 1981)

1. Still Alive
2. Hard Alive
3. Kamikaze
4. Tequila Fritz
5. Going To Chicago
1. Die High
2. On The Road
3. What About Me
4. Do You Feel Right

Recording Data

Live Recording at
Wertheim -Main Tauber Halle,Dallau -Elzberghalle and Triberg -Waldpeter
26-28 December in 1980
Produced by EPITAPH
All written by Cliff Jackson


Cliff Jackson
(Vocal, Guitar)
Heinz Glass
Harvey Janssen
Fritz Randow

This was their 1st live album recorded their "Return To Reality" tour live in Wertheim, Dallau, and Triberg performed December 26-28,1980.

The tour at this time was performed without being accompanied by Keyboardist. Here, it was the contents of previously unreleased songs except "On The Road" and "Going To Chicago."

Their performance was collected tightly, add was the quite hardrock contents. Cliff's vocal style was for hard'n heavy rock music.
"Tequila Fritz" was a song for drum solo of Fritz Randow.
The engine sound of a motorbike was passed by the portion of the opening part of "Die Hard" as effect sound, it was so cool.

Thus, although this album was almost not having their old EPITAPH's tone shown as 1st album or 2nd album, but it turns out that live performance was carrying out hardrock style considerably, and it is an interesting work.
Moreover, the combination of twin lead guitar of Cliff and Heinz is still wonderful as usual.

This album was also released by CD format later.

LP Back Jacket
Written in center
CD Back Jacket
Center is blank

LP Brain / Metronome 0060.385 1981 Germany
CD Brain / Metronome  511979-2 1992 Germany