Live The 21 Century Tour (Limited edition 2001)
also known as
Resurrection The Reunion Concert (Lingo Records 2004)

Live The 21 Century Tour
  1. Early Morning
  2. Bad Feeling
  3. Visions
  4. Crossroads
  5. Woman
  6. Big City
  7. Little Maggie
  8. Outside The Law
  9. Stop,Look And Listen
  10. Ain't No Liar


Recording Data

Recorded at Lindenbrauerei,Unna 22 January in 2000.
Engineering & Recording by Gerold Heitbaum
Mastering by Volker Sassenberg
Jim Mcgillivaray was playing All drums
Keyboard played by Ben Schluter


Cliff Jackson
(Vocal, Guitar)
Heinz Glass
Bernd Kolbe
Achim Wielert-Poret

The time has reached the 21st century.

EPITAPH ,left in in the Kraut Rock history, is aliving in being surprised. This work becomes the proof that be positive the information though there was some information when it seemed still to be as the rock band. The tunes recorded in this are all the masterpieces made between their long musical .

Well, album begins with last tune of their 1st album. Though opening to begin suddenly with the performance is made to make it surpise, this tune made for about 30 years ago, I cannot hide my pleasure in getting over and beginning to light up again for me. The second song, "Bad Feeling" ,it is understood that it has the masterpiece of the variety made by DOMAIN of the rest and same melody. Then, the tone of melotron soaks into thebottom of my heart, "Visions". The sixth song of flow is excellent from the fifth song that an album was reproduced, too. It was deeply impressed in the eighth song of "Outside The Law". Then, twin guitars melody to cry very good with "Stop, Look And Listen". I believe this tune is the best song in all of EPITAPH songs.

They were really alived, I really feel happy now.Really...

This album was released directly as a limited edition from the band at first.
Mr. Cliff Jackson, saw this my fan site, then he gave me a CD directly.
It would be the precious treasures for me.

And 2004,They released again this live CD under the name of "Resurrection".

CD (No catalogue number) 2001 Germany
CD Lingo Records Lingo183 2004 Germany Digi-pack CD.Same tracks with 21 Century.