LONDON TOWN GIRL / VISIONS (Polydor 2041201 in 1971)

Germany press
(Polydor 2041201)

Japanese press
(Polydor DP 1850)
Front and reverse

After a debut album was released,they had a single record that was non-album song. Although this song was chosen as a single record but it was the song which guitar riffs of middle tempo monotonous is repeated, I cannot think that the charm of EPITAPH can fully demonstrate.

Moreover, "Visions" of the B-side of this serves as edit-version of this music of their 1st album inclusion.

This single record was released those days also here in Japan
Now it is a Mega-rare item.
Never released their 1st LP record in Japan even this single record was released.

These two songs were recorded on reproduction CD as a bonus track from Repertoire.

AUTUMN '71 / ARE YOU READY (Zebra 2047003 in 1973)

These was said that was recorded on the two tracks tape recorder, neither has been took from the album.

"Autumn'71" made a heaviness British rock rhythm. It reminded me a great heavyrock tunes like "Paranoid" of BLACK SABBATH, 'cause of lead guitar played riffs freely, and the bassist Bernd, is powerfull driving-play.
As for "Are You Ready", the melody of a twin-lead-guitar, and EPITAPH-likeness has just come out of the deployment in which the sound of cymbal was involved there.

The psychedelic music deployment which carried out the future of Cliff's guitar sound which this wow-wow required boldly is so cool. The bass play of Bernd is also cool too.

Both of two songs were contented as a bonus track on 2nd album reproduced CD from Repertoire label in 1998.

WE LOVE YOU ALICE / PAREDISE FOR SALE (Zebra 2047005 in 1973)

"We Love You Alice" was too bright toned rock'n roll for EPITAPH, I think.
B side,"Paradise For Sale" was influenced from LED ZEPPELIN, but this song also has the melody peculiar to Germany rock truly.

Although neither of these songs has been album recorded, it was contented as a bonus track on 2nd album reproduced CD from Repertoire label in 1998.


A top tune of "Return To Reality" album.
"Summer Sky" of the B-side is also a wonderful excellent song.