HANDICAP (Babylon DB80002 in 1979)

Disk 1
1. Crossroads
2. Nightingale
3. Uptight
1. Fly
2. Stop, Look And Listen

Disk 2
1. I'm Trying
2. London Town Girl
3. Early Morning
4. Changing World
1. Moving To The Country
2. Visions
3. Hopelessly

This album was two sheets compilation album in which the announced sound source of the music chosen out of their 1st album, 2nd album, single record and two preiously unreleased tracks. This was released from Babylon label in Germany which issued their 3rd album "Outside The Law" as re-issued in 1978.
DISK1 was made for tunes from full of 2nd album. DISK2 was the sound source the music of only a single record released.

It was the worthy album since 1st album and 2nd album were probably precious as albums of a legendaly masterpieces at this time of a release of this compilation album. Two unreleased tracks make this album worth to listen. One,"I'm Trying" is uncanny anyhow. I think that fazz guitar of Cliff playing is the greatest hardrock tune in many EPITAPH tunes. Just, it of the chorus work of vocal is also brilliant. Another,"Changing World" has the intense guitar with which the fazz & wow sound was effective. It just like a song that JIMI HENDRIX played a guitar joining with DEEP PURPLE ! The rhythm of guitar flipping of the second half part of this song and the feeling full marks of a groove is the highlight.

This album is not released by CD format yet, but two songs of the above-mentioned unreleased sound sources is stored in reproduction CD of 1st album as a bonus track by Repertoire label.

HANDICAP Vol. 2 (Babylon DB80013 in 1980)

Disk 1
1. Cheese Burning
2. Woman
3. Tequila Shuffle
1. The Way In The Morning
2. Five Thousand Miles
3. How Do You Love
Disk 2
1. One I Joe
2. Stop, Look And Listen
3. The Little Way
1. Fresh Air (We Can Get Together)
2. Going To Chicago

This was also the great compilation albums with two sheets, released in 1980 following "Handicap". I was disillusioned by this jacket art which illustration of this album having completely been the same of "Handicap" LP having changed only the color.

However, it was what collected the diferent version with original one, unreleased tracks, etc. And the contents are very interesting.
Tunes such as "Woman", "Tequila Shuffle", and "Fresh Air", were longer than original takes, and were more aggressive takes.
In "How Do We Love", a bass-solo is incorporated, or a free performance is shown improvisatorially.

"Cheese Burning" is wrong title,I think right title is "She's Burning" even if they like cheese ;-).

These tunes probably outtakes in the recording sessions of the time after their "Outside The Law", or the studio live I thought.Studio live takes of their great masterpiece, "Stop and Look And Listen" recorded on the second album.And studio take of "Going To Chicago" performed in a next live album are stored. This album is also not released by CD format yet.

ROCK ON BRAIN (Brain 0040.119 in 1979)

1. Lady Lou (ACCEPT)
2. The Last Survivor (BIRTH CONTROL)
3. Set Your Spirit Free (EPITAPH)
4. Auroville (JANE)
5. Zingaresca (NOVALIS)
1. Here And Now (SFF)
4. Tai Ming (RMO)

This omnobus LP was released by German hard rock label, Brain record. EPITAPH was contained by "Set Your Spirit Free" from their "Return To Reality" album.
Although it was an omnibus record for putting the artist of Brain label affiliation of those days on the market, it was surprise that my favorite band, ACCEPT were contained :-).

GERMAN ROCK ON TOP (RCA 30 117-0 in 1979)

1. Born To Be Wild (UDO LINDENBERG)
2. Come Back (WALLENSTEIN)
3. On The Run (LAKE)
4. Steamrock Fever (SCORPIONS)
5. Autobahn (KRAFTWERK)
1. Love Potion No.9 (INGA RUMPH)
2. What Are You Waiting For (TRI ATMA)
3. Strangers (EPITAPH)
4. Get This Power (JANE)
5. Dirty Old Town (LUCIFER'S FRIEND)

This was the omnibus record of German RCA label edit. Here, the songs of the artists of Germany around 1974-1979 is recorded.
EPITAPH was contained by "Stranger" of their "Return To Reality" LP. Although this song is slow tempo music, Michael's keyboard playing of a middle part has deepened a progressive rock taste.